4ZA Stratos Saddle

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The Stratos Dynamic Comfort saddle is essentially the same saddle as the Cirrus Dynamic Comfort saddle, but made with  different materials. It offers the same ride comfort, but with a slight weight addition.

It has the same semi round shape to maximize the support area and minimizes the stress area. The Recessed Comfort Channel reduces pressure and stress from the genital area. The Flat & Wide Nose has extra padding. This helps reduce the pressure around the genital area.

The Dynamic Comfort Shape also refers to the Curve along the Length Direction of the saddle, offering good hip rotation when shifting pressure from the rear to the front of the saddle.

Technical specifications

Color Black, black-white, white-black
Cover Lightweight & water resistant PU cover
Sizes 130/145mm x 278mm
Rails Steel
Base Reinforced nylon base
Weight 330g