Supratech RAO 1042 Aluminum Wheelset

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RAO 1042

All new RAO 1042 (42mm) Aluminum wheelset best for training. RAO 1042 has the special carbon fiber hubs at its very core. This aluminum wheelset is reinforced through the Supraweld proprietary technology which connects the ends of each rim by way of a seamless welded linkage.

Through the Supraweld technology, this aluminum wheelset is made 10 times more durable.

Manufactured in Taiwan. Assembled in the Philippines. Distributed Exclusively by Sid Composites. 2 year warranty.

Who is it for?

Recommended for every road cyclist with the goal of improving speed and stamina. Recommended for training purposes of pros, semi-pros and serious road warriors.


Technical Specs:

Rim dimensions 42mm (height) x 27.6mm (width)
Spokes 20/22 holes
Hubs Lightweight carbon fiber shell
Braking surface Supraweld (proprietary) braking surface for better heat dispersion
Free hub 6 pawls

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