If there is one thing that we can all agree on with authority it is this: mahirap maging pogi. Friendliness is easily mistaken for flirtatiousness when you are pogi. The slightest skip in your schedule can be taken the wrong way by the Misis (O san ka na naman nanggaling bakit late ka na naman?). This presents a particular problem when you are upgrading your bike parts. Let's be honest, mga pare: Good bikes aren't cheap, cheap bikes aren't good. Whether you are a weekend warrior who conquers trails to decompress from the work week or a daily commuter who pedals energetically to get business done --you know your bike is not just a bike. Aside from you, the rider, there is no more important factor for your safety, enjoyment, and love of the high life than your bike. Investing your hard earned pesos on your bike can be pain point with the Misis. Yan tuloy, nagiging #secretkaymisis ang bike.

Well there is no need to hide your spending habits with your bike. No need for your bike to be a #secretkaymisis. When you are ready to upgrade to an X-SID One High Modulus Carbon Fiber, we got some talking points ready for you with the Misis.

1. Safety. "Babe, gusto ko maging safe ako for you and our kids."
Cycling is a contact sport. Your bike is the one thing that separates you from the ground whether it is a paved road at 25 kph on a road bike or a rolling through dirt trails on a mountain bike. It is important to have a reliable and robust bike that can take you wherever the high life beckons. Your safety is important not only to you but especially to your loved ones. Make sure you communicate this with the wife and it will lay the groundwork to getting her good graces.

2. Health. "Babe, cycling will keep me healthy so I can take care of the family."
Cycling is not just an intense aerobic workout. Several medical studies have lauded the plethora of health benefits from cycling: it's easy on your joints, builds muscle, strengthens bones and lowers your risk for the #1 killer out there: heart disease. It is easier to get your wife on board your next carbon fiber upgrade when knows you are investing your way to great health.

Do you have any #secretkaymisis stories to share? Tag a friend who can relate! What are some talking points you have told your lovely wife when getting ready to invest in your bike? Make sure to let us know in the comments section below!