3. Health II. "Babe, cycling will keep me healthy so I can take care of the family."
Breaking bad habits like smoking, binge drinking or unhealthy eating are best tackled by replacing them with good habits. If you are looking forward to a long Saturday morning ride, you will think twice about getting that ice cold beer on Friday night. Wifey wants you to lose a couple of pounds? Put a bet on yourself and pedal those pounds away. Don't make promises you can't keep but it's hard not to be excited about riding when your bike epitomizes the high life you are pursuing.

4. Sexy Time. "Babe, nakakalakas ng tuhod to. 😉"
Biking primes your pump. Aside from being sexy from feeling sexy after a strong ride out, the obvious benefits of cardiovascular health and increased blood flow will do wonders for your prowess in the sack. It's all about the high life, gentlemen. High performance is not just limited to pumping your pedals, if you know what we mean.

5. Love. "Insert your line here."
We respect you too much to spoon-feed this one to you. Love is a two way street, gentlemen. Make sure the wife's needs are met and she's happy too. Take her biking with you. Introduce her to the lifestyle that has continually improved yours. If she's not a biker, that's ok too. Take her out to dinner, spoil her every now and then, make her feel like the woman you fell in love with back in the day. This is not just advice on biking anymore, this is just a basic rule for being a man. Happy wife, happy life.

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