Supratech RCB 2035 Carbon Wheelset (Disc Brake)

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Supratech RCB 2035

Supratech RCB 2035 is a lightweight aerodynamic wheel set that maximizes efficiency.

Who is it for?

Competitive road bikers looking for increased weight efficiency. Recommended and best for climbs.

What's in the box?

Wheel set comes with 3 extra spokes with nipples and cog spacer.

Technical Specs

Supratech T700 Carbon Fiber 35mm Tubeless Ready Wheelset (700c)

Rim dimensions 35mm x 25mm 
Material T700 with High TG Resin
Shape U-shape rims to break side winds
Total weight 1,675g 
Hubs Supratech ratchet type road hubs with durable NBK bearings
Spokes Pillar spokes with black brass nipples
Bearings NBK Taiwan Sealed Bearings
Compatibility 11-Speed Ready
Warranty 3 Years Warranty


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