Supratech RAB 2030 Aluminum Wheelset (Rim Brake)

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Supratech RAB 2030

The Supratech RAB 2030 inspires every road racer to close sprints stronger and faster. Aerodynamic and lightweight yet stiff and strong.

The Plasma-Oxidized (Micro-Arc Oxidation) is a protective coating that is bonded with the deep surface of the aluminum material. This process makes the whole rims stiffer, and has a longer protection to wear and tear. This protective layer gives the rider better confidence in handling in terms of braking even in wet conditions.

The Supratech RAB 2030 is a tubeless-ready wheelset. When utilizing this option, this gives the rider a better riding comfort. 

What's Plasma-Oxidation?

Plasma electrolytic oxidation is an electrochemical surface treatment process for generating oxide coatings on metals. It is similar to anodizing, but it employs higher potentials, the resulting plasma modifies the structure of the oxide layer. This process can be used to grow thick oxide coatings on metals such as aluminium, magnesium and titanium. Because they can present high hardness and a continuous barrier, these coatings can offer protection against wear, corrosion or heat as well as electrical insulation.

Who is it for?

Competitive road bikers looking for every bit of extra edge in efficiency.

What's in the box?

Wheelset comes with 18mm width rim tapes, 3 extra spokes and nipples, Supratech skewers(for rim brake) and brake pads(for rim brake)

Technical Specs

Supratech Aluminum 30mm Tubeless Ready Clincher Wheelset (700c)

Rim dimensions 30mm x 23.9mm(outer[18mm inner])
Material Aluminum Rims in 20/24 Holes
Shape U-shape rims to break side winds
Total weight Rim Brake: 1,715g (+/-15g)
Rim Coating Plasma-Oxidized Treatment
Hubs Rim Brake: Supratech Carbon fiber road hubs with durable NBK bearings
Disc Brake: Supratech Ratchet Type hubs with durable NBK bearings
Spokes & Nipples Pillar spokes with Black Brass Nipples
Bearings NBK Taiwan Sealed Bearings
Compatibility 11-Speed Ready
Warranty 1 Year Warranty