Supratech RCO 2080 Carbon Wheelset (Rim Brake)

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Supratech RCO 2080

Say goodbye to brake surface warping! These rims have an ultra-durable braking surface thanks to the revolutionary technology of Graphene. The Graphene-infused braking surface of Supratech wheelsets can withstand heat buildup of up to 250°C. 

Supratech RCO 2080 takes your cycling game to the next level with its outstanding aerodynamic geometry.

It is available as disc or caliper and has a 3 year limited warranty.

Who is it for?

Competitive road bikers looking for a very aerodynamic, smooth and stable ride.

What's in the box?

Wheel set comes with skewers, brake pads, rim tapes and cog spacer.

Technical Specs

Supratech T700 Carbon Fiber 80mm Tubeless Ready Clincher Wheelset (700c)

Rim dimensions 80mm x 28mm
Material T700 with High TG Resin
Shape U-shape rims to break side winds
Total weight 1,980g
Brake surface Graphene-fused Carbon Brake Surface for better heat resistance
Hubs Supratech Carbon fiber road hubs with durable NBK bearings
Spokes Pillar spokes with black brass nipples
Bearings NBK Taiwan Sealed Bearings
Compatibility 11-Speed Ready
Warranty 3 Years Warranty